A Grandfamily Story

A grandmother raising her four grandchildren at Roseland Village Grandfamily Apartment is part of ‘Mercy Housing Lakefront’ annual video update. Hear how Roseland Village is stabilizing lives for Doris, Jacari, Jhaydon, Jaison, and Jonathon below:      Read More

Shadelab Recognized on Public Interest Design

      Public Interest Design (PID), a blog developed as a communications hub to grow interest in the public design movement, recognizes community activities related to good design. Shadelab, LBBA’s summer internship program from last year, has recently been acknowledged by PID for their efforts to environmentally assess and generate community interest in the Humboldt Park neighborhood. Shadelab was the catalyst for LBBA’s... Read More

We Live Here #2: Melody Watson

Melody Watson, a forty-two year old resident at Grove Parc, and a mother of two college students, is very enthusiastic about the first two buildings of Woodlawn project. Living in a neighborhood with gang and violence issues, the new buildings will bring nothing but positive changes. Ms. Watson has been living very comfortably in her apartment and she is not bothered by anyone. She has only good things to say about the management, “I like... Read More

We Live Here Interview #1: Eden Hurd

For Eden Hurd, the project manager of Woodlawn Park, the redevelopment of the former Grove Parc public housing and the revitalization of Woodlawn is more than just a project. In a community that is rife with gang violence, drug trafficking and the highest foreclosure rate in the city, Eden is excited to be a key part of a major series of improvements that have been talked about for the past ten years. As a longtime part of the community, a former... Read More

Welcome Our New Intern, Brenda

We couldn’t be more excited to have Brenda Gamboa join our team. A multi-year grand prize winner of Chicago’s Newhouse Architecture Competition for high school students, Brenda is also an incredibly accomplished photographer. Given her particular gift for gab and excellent photography skills, Brenda has been helping Landon Bone Baker and Public Workshop develop We Live Here. Working with staff members Catherine Baker and Abir Ali, Alex... Read More