Our practice is committed to the role of housing in creating comprehensive, sustainable, and progressive urban development. We want to provide architecturally-significant, yet affordable options to as many people as possible
Landon Bone Baker Architects is distinguished by a community-based approach, working closely with neighborhood organizations, not-for-profit associations, and developers of affordable housing to create the best possible solutions for residents. Our practice is centered on relationships—cultivating existing partnerships and expanding to embrace more people in our process. Landon Bone Baker Architects strives to create a model for the architect to act as a leader in shaping our communities.
LBBA has earned a strong reputation for bringing responsible design to affordable housing and neighborhood planning. The firm’s growing portfolio of projects ranges from large to small scale urban developments; from single-room-occupancy buildings to affordable apartment rehabilitation; from daycare centers to college dormitories. Much like our clients and community partners, the firm is mission-driven. Through it all, a central theme has guided the firm for over 25 years. Good design is for everyone.